My major issue with people who compare veganism to religion is this:

The basis of a religious life style is opinion. Of course, there are moral principles and values that come attached to it but the basis for it is made up of opinions.

The basis of vegan life style is fact. Literal scientifically proven evidence that backs up everything that vegans advocate. Whether it’s the ethical side, the health benefits or the global impact, all of it derives from carefully carried out research by expert scientists.

So I do not think it is fair to compare religion to veganism for that reason.

I understand that people do not want the facts given to them. They are hard to swallow at first and although I can’t speak for everyone, I will be the first to say that I went through a denial period. But at the end of the day, facts are inevitable. You cannot disagree with a fact.

It’s always funny to me when people talk about ‘shoving it down people’s throats’. What does that mean exactly? I have been in situations before where I’ve referred to beef as a cow and been accused of such a thing. But again, it’s all fact. Why am I not allowed to speak about the truth?

In another situation, I referred to someone’s meat as ‘dead’ (again, a fact) and they shouted at me for ‘putting them off their food.’ I literally don’t understand how speaking matter of factly is going to put someone off their food. If it’s really that upsetting, why not do something about it?

I do not believe in judging people. Some people are genuinely ignorant and once they learn, they change. I was one of those people! You cannot help what you don’t know and that’s fine! It’s the people who DO know and reject the facts.

Anyway, that’s my rant over with. I hope you don’t think I’m being aggressive. I’m not trying to be intentionally nasty. I’m just saying things as they are without sugar coating. I hope you understand :)

Fuck the king!