I have a Blogspot?!

I decided to make a blogspot to go hand in hand with my YouTube channel, just a place for me to post all my own content as I use Tumblr as an inspiration scrapbook.

Check it out :)



when someone tickles ur neck


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Vegans need to stop


assuming other people are non-vegan. Let’s all start demanding the same amount of answers for this weird, extreme lifestyle of eating other animals as carnists demand for veganism.

"Oh, you eat animals? Why? I could never give up my clear conscience and bowels."

"Ew, dairy? Carnist food is so disgusting, I don’t know how you do it."

"Omg you just mentioned the word ‘meat’ once in a sentence stop SHOVING YOUR BELIEFS DOWN MY THROAT!!!1"

"But cholesterol."

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"I don’t have a problem with veganism, I just have a problem with people who expect me to give up meat / get angry at me for eating and using animal products!"

I have some bad news for you: you do actually have a problem with veganism if you have a problem with vegans advocating veganism.

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